1. And what’s the Justice League, huh ? Bunch of loosers right ? :p lol jk, jk. But the Global Guardians are badass !

  2. Did a Crimson Fox redesign for a future project that will probably never come to light lol Pretty happy with the result :) 

    Okay I’ll say it, no reason to make it a secret. Without giving you any details, my dream would be to launch a Global Guardians book at DC. Already have a 3 arcs story planned, and that would be only the beginning. IT WOULD BE EPIIIIIIIIIIIC ! lol

  3. Ok people. So I’m happy that some of you like my work, but if you do, please reblog it, don’t just put it in your favorites. I post my work here to share it. If you just “like” it, the sharing chain ends, you know. And I can’t reblog my work 5 times a day to make sure everyone sees it. So please, do it for me, if you like my work, reblog it with the tags. Thanks all :).

  4. My (relatively) quick take on Bucky’s Cap America costume, movie style. I took elements from, of course, the comic book suit, and also the Cap America 2 costume (Steve’s), The Winter Soldier costume, and the Avengers 2 costume (Steve’s). For the eys, I wanted to keep the black face paint he had sometimes in Cap 2.

    What do you think ?

  5. Not sure why Ii decided to post this on a sunday, but I finished it, so whatevs. I’ll repost it tomorrow ^^.

  6. Here is the final Pietro VS Iron Man piece, along with all the steps.The last The 2 last picsare alternative final versions, one normal, the last with speed effects (tried to make them like in the mid credits of Cap 2, but didn’t work out perfectly. I didn’t do the background, but I took an image of a forest in the Balkans (where the twins come from, precisely Wundagore), so it wasn’t random, and I tweaked the colors a bit to give it a reddish vibe. At that point I give up on trying to show any ressemblance with the actors, as I suck at portraits, at least at that size (it’s an horizontal A4 paper/half a comic book page, for scanner reason, so Wanda’s head was very small to draw, had to tweak it with Manga Studio).

    What do you think ?

  7. Sneak peak 2. Colors. Pietro VS Iron Man.

  8. futurerevolutions asked: Hey so fans are buzzing about the Iron Fist show they are gonna make for Netflix and I think the general consensus is they are petitioning to have him played by an Asian MoC. Thoughts? I'm excited.


    im. not.

    first off i need to say that for me the first and foremost important thing to me in any adaptation is accuracy. this leaves me very sour with almost every adaptation i see, but hey, thats my burden. so for me, i still want danny rand to be a white boy. because he’s always been a white boy. 

    do i think an asian man can play the role perfectly, absolutely. I think Michael B Jordan is going to kill being johnny storm because he is right for the character. so if thats the route they want to go with danny, then thats a bridge i will cross when i get there. but right now? i always hold out for accuracy (I’m still angry i don’t get raised wings on caps helmet).

    this isn’t to say I’m against the notion for a wider and more accurate cultural representation. I think we definitely have room for (in this case) more asian superheroes. but the idea of just changing one race for another has always rubbed me the wrong way because it always feels like a consolation prize. instead of adding more PoC heroes into the culture, they’d rather change a character that already has a fan base and following just to appeal to a new crowd. it’s a principle thing for me, rather than what it represents. Let’s just make new PoC heroes and build up their importance and fan base. there is always room for more role models.

    so in short, id rather they did danny rand correct 100% first, but if they choose to cast a PoC who is perfect for the role, than I’ll be on board as well.

    I totally agree with this. I you want more diversity, create new heroes of a different color, or gender, of sexuality, don’t change existing and well established heroes . 

  9. agentsuperspy:


    winter soldier

    dat art doe

    This is purely awesome. 

  10. WIP. Pietro VS Iron Man,Wanda caught in the middle, Age of Ultron style. Colors tomorrow or the next day, or never. Depends on my mood ^^.I rarely draw Iron Man, so it got me to practice my armor skills. I remembered why I never draw him lol. 

  11. davidmarquez:


    MILES is back in action with a new status quo and a new outlook on life!

    A BIG BIG BIG villain from PETER PARKER’s past is alive and well and about to turn New York upside down!

    The last page will have ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN fans SCREAMING!

    This issue can’t be missed!

    STORY BYBrian Michael BendisART BYDavid MarquezCOLORS BYJustin PonsorCOVER BYDavid MarquezFiona StaplesBrandon PetersonPUBLISHERMarvel ComicsCOVER PRICE:$3.99RELEASE DATEWed, May 7th, 2014

    Oh Yeah ! 

  12. Sneek Peak. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier as Captain America, movie version (my take on it).

    Sneek Peak. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier as Captain America, movie version (my take on it).

  13. One last version of this piece, updated with real logos for SHIELD and HYDRA, as this miraculous thing happened at the end of yesterday’s ep of AOS, a proper SHIELD/HYDRA logo appeared. I found pics of the Hydra emblem online, but they never felt right compared to the SHIELD one, so I just changed the colors. But this one is what I wanted. Give me your thoughts ?

  14. The final version of what I teased yesterday. As I said, Ijust saw Cap America Winter Soldier. Motivated me to draw him. And I had that piece in mind for a week or so. Thing is, I don’t want to wait for 2 or 3 years to see WS again in a movie, and I think he is just what Agents of SHIELD needs to be great. A comic book character in the team. With powers. The only way this works is if the show gets more proactive, more of a unit, stike team. I wouldn’t mind having Maria Hill join the show permanently, and even Agent 13 (both played by TV actresses). Now imagine a battle between WS  and Deathlok (fully formed/deformed^^) !THAT would be awesome ! 

    I added another version, with a new symbol on his metalic arm, cause I imagine he wouldn’t work with american heroes and agents having the red star on his arm. 

    Reblogged for those who didn’t see it yet. Your thoughts ?

  15. Not so new New Teen Titans. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.

    Not so new New Teen Titans. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.